Performance Audit

Benchmarking Health

The accompanying report examines the St Helena Government (SHG) Health Directorate’s (the Directorate’s) provision of healthcare, in particular its performance in the provision of primary, secondary and tertiary care. It summarises the results of our performance audit that assessed, for financial year (FY) 19/20, (1) the indicators used by the Directorate to measure its performance, …

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Benchmarking Primary and Secondary Education

Performance Audit: Benchmarking Primary and Secondary Education   There is significant room for improvement in St Helena’s schools’ performance, says Chief Auditor The attached report is the first in a series of performance audits that seeks to benchmark St Helena Government’s (SHG) performance against that of comparable places overseas. In this report, we focus on …

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Jamestown Hospital Refurbishment Project

Performance Audit of the Jamestown Hospital Refurbishment Project The project endured delays, scope changes and cost increases, and its economic case was not fully assessed, but early indications suggest value for money is being realized, says Chief Auditor Despite SHG’s significant spend on health, around 22% of the total budget per annum, health provision on …

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