Auditor Proud Day 2021

Together with audit professionals throughout the world, the management and staff of Audit St Helena will be celebrating the seventh annual Auditor Proud Day on 26 September.

As St Helena and Ascension Island’s independent external auditor, we undertake the financial audit of public sector accounts to give assurance on fair presentation of financial statements and conduct performance audits to determine whether resources have been used with regard to economy, efficiency and effectiveness. In doing so we provide an objective assessment of the stewardship and accountability of government and other public bodies in compliance with international auditing standards.

Our office includes talented Saints as well as other professionals from around the globe. See below for what makes each of us proud to be doing this work.


Brendon Hunt

Acting Chief Auditor

“I am proud to serve as one part of the governance tapestry to help build a better future for all on the Island.”


Cassidy Beard

Financial Auditor

“From leaving school to now I would not have thought I would end up in an auditing career. Even with a strong aptitude for Maths, I didn’t see myself sitting behind a desk but I love being an auditor and seeing the impact of my work. It’s a job in which you never stop learning with continuous growth and opportunities.”


David Brown

Principal Analyst

“By scrutinizing government spending and programs, we are able to identify opportunities for improvement as well as highlight good practices. This is a win for government leadership and for citizens, who are the ultimate beneficiaries of what government does.”


Petronella Chemhere

Principal Auditor

“The amount of trust I have from the public motivates me and I get to meet a lot of people along the way.”


Mufaro Chikandwa


“My job allows me to interact with various stakeholders, holding discussions which are open and constructive. These interactions show most stakeholders have one shared goal: bringing the profession into a new era, one of greater transparency and stakeholder satisfaction.”


Vimbai Chikwenhere

Financial Audit Manager

“Being aware that the public and various stakeholders rely on the work I do in enhancing accountability and promoting transparency is a humbling thought and for me, an immense honor to serve! It has brought with it the warmth of camaraderie from working with a committed and culturally diverse and inclusive team, great opportunities to collaborate with other supreme audit institutions and UK overseas territories, exciting travelling adventures and an overall sense of personal fulfilment in doing what I love.’’


Judith Kanjanda

Financial Auditor

“Coming from a mostly finance background, government auditing has been an eye opener! It has given me a multidimensional view of the accounting function and has put me in position to help safeguard the interest of my society by bringing the government to account for how public funds are used.”


Cathrine Muvheyo

Senior Auditor

“Globalization, rapidly changing technology and the pandemic have all contributed to the complexity of how business is being done which is putting the relevancy of auditors into question. The tipping point is Auditor IQ + Technological IQ = Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM). Auditors are transformers!”


Rumbidzai Pabwe

Principal Auditor

“One area l am passionate about is value addition and auditing resonates this strong desire. Auditing provokes my vision at the same time stretching my mind; a stretched mind can never go back to its original state. Auditing is a career of endless paths.”


Ayla Phillips

Financial Auditor

“We ensure the appropriate use of public funds on the Island and enforce accountability in government. I am encouraged and supported to gain professional qualification and personal development which will aid my career progression.”


Anna-Marie Samuel

Senior Auditor

“Auditing exposes me to different businesses and presents new challenges every day. It gives me opportunities for interesting travel, secondment and training.”


Rebecca Young

Assistant Auditor

“Auditing gives me the opportunity to apply my inquisitive mind and be involved with multiple working groups and tasks. No two days are exactly the same!”


Helene Williams

Business Support Officer

“Proud to support this prestigious service.”


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